Did you know that chiropractic dates back to the time of Hippocrates? He believed that if the spine was misaligned, it greatly contributed to the health of an individual.

The modern day school of chiropractic dates back to 1895, when Dr. Daniel Palmer adjusted a man that had lost his hearing 17 years prior. The story goes that prior to losing his hearing the man had heard something pop in his back. Upon the adjustment of the man's misaligned vertebrae his hearing greatly improved.

While the medical community criticized this new technique for healing the body, the people who followed in these footsteps found an amazing new way of dealing with illness and disease. Dr. Palmer's theories are still discussed in the chiropractic industry today. Without this man's input into medicine in a time where he was greatly discredited, the millions of people today who enjoy the life changing benefits may never have had this opportunity. There is still a school named after Dr. Daniel Palmer as well as over 20 schools and thousands of chiropractic students across the country.

Dr. James Howell

James S. Howell, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

  • University of Cincinnati, B.S. Degree
  • Xavier University
  • National University of Health Sciences, Lombard, Illinois Doctor of Chiropractic degree, 1985

Certifications and Licensures

  • Ohio State License 1985 - present
  • Certified Multiple Impulse Pulstar Practitioner
  • Certified in Impairment Rating and Disability Evaluation
  • Certified Physician by Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation
  • National Board of Chiropractic Certified
  • Extensive Post Graduate Studies through Life College of Chiropractic in Soft Tissue Trauma, Acceleration/Deceleration Injury
  • Currently enrolled in Board Certification Diplomate Program in Acupuncture through International Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Associations and Memberships

  • Ohio State Chiropractic Association
  • Southwestern Ohio Chiropractic Association
  • American Chiropractic Association

Committee Participation

  • Member of Ethics and Peer Review Committee, Southwestern Ohio Chiropractic Association
  • Chairman of New Members Committee, Southwestern Ohio Chiropractic Association

Lecture Series

  • Sitting Fit! A slide show and ergonomic demonstration to sitting fit and computer ergonomics in the work place.
  • Preventing Injuries in the work place. A slide presentation and demonstration on lifting techniques and preventing common injuries in the work place.

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